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  • Past Times: Sea captain was living the dream

    Posted by Teresa Leonard on August 14, 2014

    Captain Josiah Bailey operated the “Diamond City” as a ferry between Harkers Island and Cape Lookout.

    Down here where the sea breeze laden with salt meets the green of the marshes, there is a man who lives as he has always dreamed, his working day consisting of making leisurely cruises on his own sailboat through the sounds and bays of his adopted home.


  • Past Times: Aviation grew with Raleigh

    Posted by Teresa Leonard on August 7, 2014

    Air travel was more glamorous in 1946, when Eastern Airlines maintained a ticket desk in the Sir Walter Hotel in Raleigh.

    Must be cold up North, for our southbound traffic has shown a considerable increase the past week. Opening the “Flying South” season was Miss Laura Ingels, who came through in a sleek little Ryan the day before election, stumping mightily for Wendell Wilkie by displaying a sign on the fuselage proclaiming she wanted “no third term.” Next, along came Russ Molderman flying the one-time Republican Presidential candidate, W.D. Gannett of the Gannett Publishing Company. …


  • Past Times: Summer reading ran deep in Raleigh

    Posted by Teresa Leonard on July 31, 2014

    The Olivia Raney library downtown catered to the tastes of Raleigh’s reading public.

    As we reach for our beach reads this summer, here's a look back at what patrons of Raleigh's public library were reading 75 years ago.


  • Crowds cheered Soap Box Derby racers on Glenwood

    Posted by Teresa Leonard on July 24, 2014

    A record crowd braved the hot sun to cheer on the 1938 racers.

    In the 1930s, the winner of Raleigh's soap box derby was front-page news. Sponsored by The News & Observer and Sir Walter Chevrolet, the derby ran right down Glenwood Avenue.


  • Before the Baptists, Fort Caswell played role in 3 wars

    Posted by Teresa Leonard on July 17, 2014

    National Guard troops trained at Fort Caswell during World War I.

    Before it was sold to the Baptist State Convention to serve as a retreat center, Fort Caswell in Brunswick County played a role in both World Wars and defended the Cape Fear River during the Civil War. Louis T. Moore explained some of that history to N&O readers in 1949.


  • Legislators come to town

    Posted by Teresa Leonard on July 11, 2014

    The Journey’s End Motel on Lane Street, with a parrot in the lobby, provided affordable lodging for legislators in the 1980s.

    Now the Sir Walter is no longer a hotel. And the club slowly is disbanding. ... Old-timers sometimes complain that it takes the legislature an extra week to do its work because members are scattered all over town.


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