Election glitches

Election glitches

The Associated PressNovember 3, 2004 

Voting generally went smoothly Tuesday, but there were some problems. Here's a look at a few:


In Boynton Beach, a minor power failure might have caused nearly 40 votes to be lost. The nine machines at the Cascades clubhouse precinct lost power and needed to be rebooted.

In Broward County, 21 iVotronics touch-screen machines developed problems during the day; at least one had shown candidates not chosen by the voter on its final review screen.


Authorities said tires were slashed on 20 vans that Republicans had hired to help get out the vote in Milwaukee. A GOP spokesman said it was not clear who was responsible. Vandals spray-painted the words "Illegitimate Democracy" overnight Tuesday on the outside of the state GOP headquarters at Madison.


Philadelphia Republicans sought more time to challenge absentee ballots cast by Democrats. Their lawsuit demanded that the city turn over a list of every Philadelphian who had received an absentee ballot, and then delay counting any of their votes until at least Nov. 5. GOP attorney Bruce Marks said the delay would give his party time to investigate whether any ballots were cast by ineligible voters.

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