Museum scratches no-sketch policy

Museum scratches no-sketch policy

From Staff ReportsJanuary 8, 2005 

Picassos-to-be can return to the drawing board at the N.C. Museum of Art. On Friday, the museum reversed course and said visitors can sketch inside the "Matisse, Picasso and the School of Paris" exhibition for the duration of its run.

The museum had imposed a no-drawing policy to keep traffic moving through the lower-level gallery, which has been crowded for the display of works by Matisse, Picasso, Monet, Degas and other post-Impressionist-art masters.

A spokeswoman said the museum had received only one complaint before a report about the prohibition ran Friday in The News & Observer. The report said guards had stopped a 6-year-old girl from drawing there and noted that visitors had complained about the policy in the exhibition's guest book.

After receiving additional complaints Friday, director Larry Wheeler told museum staff members and security guards to let people sketch as long as they don't block other visitors' views or impede traffic.

Guests normally are required to obtain sketch permits at the front desk to draw in the general part of the museum. That requirement won't be strictly enforced for the "Matisse, Picasso" exhibition, which runs through Jan. 16.

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