Carrboro tackles annexation

Staff WriterNovember 12, 2005 

THE ISSUE: Annexation was a big issue in the Carrboro election. How much money will the town take in from the new properties, and will that pay for the services Carrboro now has to extend to those new members of the town?

STATUS: The annexation of the area northeast of Carrboro takes effect Jan. 31. The town's 2005-06 budget sets aside $252,370 for extending town services -- such as police and fire protection, garbage, sewer, water and street maintenance -- to the estimated 287 homes in the annexation area. About half will go toward extending sewer service the Orange Water and Sewer Authority is providing.

"We've begun the things we said we would for the annexed area," said Roy Williford, Carrboro's planning director. "We've surveyed the easements in order to put a sewer line in place, and we've done some preliminary engineering."

THE DEAL: Financing most of these services will be spread out over five years.

For the first five months after annexation -- Year One -- the town expects to spend $96,967, while taking in one-third that amount.

During Year Two -- a full fiscal year -- the town expects to spend $230,521 while receiving nearly four times as much in revenue. Since the annexation date falls outside of the tax billing cycle that began in July 2005, residents will pay taxes for one year and five months at the end of Year Two.

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