1 of 2 shooting victims in home invasion dies

Staff WriterDecember 28, 2005 

One of two men shot at a Carrboro apartment complex Dec. 20 died Thursday from a gunshot wound to the head, police said Tuesday.

For the first time since the shootings at Estes Park Apartments, Carrboro police identified the dead man as Hosea Garcia Perizo, also known as Jose Gomez Rodriguez, 21. They continued to withhold the name of the second man, who remains hospitalized.

Garcia Perizo's last known address was 1322 Ivy St. in Durham, so the Carrboro and Durham police departments are working together on the case.

Garcia Perizo was charged with felony drug possession early this year and was affiliated with the Latin Kings, but the shooting was not gang related, Carrboro Lt. Cornell Lamb said.

The shootings stemmed from domestic problems, Lamb said.

Several men, including Garcia Perizo, forced their way into the apartment in Building O last week, police said. Inside were a woman, her boyfriend, her boyfriend's brother, and her two young children.

The woman had gone to live with her new boyfriend because her former boyfriend, the father of her children, had physically abused her, police said. The former boyfriend was not present when the shootings occurred, police said, but was involved somehow because he was angry that she was living with another man.

Police identified the other man shot Dec. 20 as the woman's boyfriend's brother. He was shot in the abdomen and is in stable condition at UNC Hospitals, police said.

Lamb said police are not releasing any of the victims' names for their safety.

Under state law, police may temporarily withhold the name or address of a victim if releasing it would "pose a threat to the mental health, physical health or personal safety of the complaining witness, or materially compromise a continuing or future criminal investigation or criminal intelligence operation."

"If we find out who shot who, there will be charges filed" against the other suspects, Lamb said.

The man still hospitalized probably would not be charged if he were a shooter because he was in his home and the shooting could be considered self-defense, Lamb said.

Police say they are still looking for the other suspects.

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