Deadline nears for board seat

Staff WriterJanuary 6, 2006 


With six days until the deadline, only one person has applied for the vacant seat on the Carrboro Board of Aldermen.

But that doesn't mean Dan Coleman is the only one interested in the seat, vacated by Mark Chilton when he became mayor last month.

As of Thursday, Coleman's was the sole application in the blue folder on the town clerk's desk. He worked on it over the holidays, he said, and filed it Tuesday.

He's a longtime resident of Orange County and an eight-month resident of Carrboro. On his questionnaire, he wrote, "The first priority should be completion of a plan to protect Bolin Creek."

Though they haven't turned in any applications yet, at least two of three candidates who failed to win in November's election say they plan to apply.

Catherine DeVine, who has been saying she will give the board another try, was filling out her application.

"It's challenging," she said. "The board did a good job of not asking you how you would vote on particular topics."

David Marshall, who is working toward a master's degree in public policy from Duke University, also said he is applying for the open spot.

"I've looked over the questions, and they're really good questions," Marshall said Thursday. "They were right down the line with the things I care about. It will be fun and challenging [to fill out]."

The third former candidate, Katrina Ryan, moved to Carrboro to run for alderman on behalf of the residents in the area northeast of town that will be annexed later this month.

"I'm inclined not to [apply], but never say never," Ryan said Thursday. "But there's not a day that goes by when I don't get phone calls or e-mails urging me to apply.

"I don't think I have a good chance to be appointed by this group, so I honestly don't think I have a good answer for you," she said. "The answer is probably 'no' until someone can come up with a fruitful answer and how it's a productive thing to do."

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