High school redistricting ideas sought

Carrboro High to open in 2007

Staff WriterMay 5, 2006 

— One of four new maps will carve up the Chapel Hill-Carrboro school district and show which students will fill Carrboro High in August 2007.

School officials want parents to help pick the best one.

The maps are online at www.chccs.k12.nc.us, along with elaborate data on the students each plan would move.

The school board will make the final decision in June. The district must reassign students to open Carrboro High at Rock Haven and Smith Level roads in Carrboro.

On all the maps, where students live is the No. 1 factor. Carrboro High was intentionally built far south of the district's two high schools in northern Chapel Hill.

GIVING FEEDBACK: Parents can send e-mail to redistrict06@chccs.k12.nc.us. They can attend a 7 p.m May 22 meeting at Culbreth Middle School, 225 Culbreth Road in Chapel Hill.

THE LOWER GRADES: The same 15-member committee that devised the four maps will look into reassigning elementary and middle school students this month. Elementary school zones may be tweaked, as several need relief from crowding.

No Internet access?

Write or stop by the central office at 750 S. Merritt Mill Road in Chapel Hill. The support services office, which handles redistricting, can be reached at 967-8211, ext. 228.

A STEP INTO THE FUTURE: Just three years ago, the school system drew up maps with colored pencils and rulers.

Now, with sophisticated Geographic Information System technology, officials have the most accurate view of the system ever.

All students have a "geocode" that contains information on their address, home property value, race, whether they get free or reduced-price lunch and even a composite of their end-of-grade test scores.

Think of it as a kids-only census, only much more precise.


To see the redistricting maps go to www.chccs.k12.nc.us.

Staff writer Patrick Winn can be reached at 932-8742 or pwinn@nando.com.

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