Second dancer disputes account

Her version given on '60 Minutes'

Staff WritersOctober 13, 2006 

The second dancer in the Duke lacrosse rape case disputes part of the accuser's account in a "60 Minutes" segment airing Sunday night.

Reporter Ed Bradley asks Kim Roberts about a handwritten April 6 statement in which the accuser said three lacrosse players separated the dancers and took the accuser into a bathroom to rape her.

"Were you holding on to each other?" Bradley asks, according to a CBS press release. "Were you pulled apart?"

"Nope," Roberts says. She adds that's the first she has heard of that account.

Roberts also says she didn't go into the bathroom and help one of the alleged rapists dress the accuser, as the accuser wrote.

The accuser has given widely diverging accounts of Roberts' behavior in the early hours of March 14. She told a nurse at Duke Hospital that Roberts, who called herself Nikki that evening, urged her to have sex with her and one of the men. The accuser said Roberts pushed her out of a car later and stole her money.

In the April 6 statement, the accuser said that three men named Brett, Adam and Matt grabbed her. "They separated us at the master bedroom door," she wrote, "while we tried to hold on to each other."

Three men dragged her into the bathroom and raped her, she wrote.

"I heard Nikki on the other side of the door, and when Adam opened the door, she rushed in and helped Adam to get me dressed. They dragged me out to the car because my legs couldn't move. Nikki said, 'What happened girl, did they hurt you?' I said yes, and she said that she would get help for me."

In the "60 Minutes" segment scheduled to air at 7 p.m. Sunday (WRAL-TV in the Triangle), Bradley also talks to the three defendants in the case.

One of them, Dave Evans, was asked whether he thinks about the possibility of being found guilty.

"Thirty years -- I could go to jail for something that never happened," Evans says.

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