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Autumnal soups from Angus Barn

CorrespondentOctober 18, 2006 

Is there any way you could get the recipe for squash soup from the Angus Barn? It's slightly "pumpkinish and cinnamony" -- a great flavor for fall.

-- L.C., Holly Springs

Once again, executive chef Walter Royal proves that Angus Barn (9401 Glenwood Ave., Raleigh; 781-2444; angusbarn.com) is much more than just a steakhouse. And once again, chef Royal generously provides two recipes: Cream of Butternut Squash Soup (which, it turns out, gets its "pumpkinish" flavor not from cinnamon but from nutmeg) and Sweet Potato Soup with Bacon and Crispy Fried Okra.

The chef is too modest to mention it, but we here at Specialty of the House are sure many of you would like to know that he'll be competing in an upcoming episode of "Iron Chef America," scheduled to air Dec. 10 at 9 p.m. on the Food Network.

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