Repaving to take a holiday for beach season, big events

Staff WriterApril 7, 2007 

On Monday, Lane Construction Corp. of Meriden, Conn., starts a 10.4-mile, 13-month (if not more) repaving job on Interstate 40 in Durham County. Here are the basics:

GOOD POINT: Lane's contract with the N.C. Department of Transportation does not allow it to close lanes on I-40 between 6 a.m. and 8 p.m. Monday-Friday.

NOT-SO-GOOD POINT: You can expect lanes to be closed nights and on nine Saturdays and Sundays between next weekend and July 1.

COULD BE WORSE POINTS: No lanes closed Mothers' Day or Memorial Day weekends, or weekends after July 1 when it's prime beach-traffic season. Extended no-closing dates for Memorial Day, July 4 and Labor Day. Restricted closing for sporting events, State Fair and other special dates.

WHERE: Repairs are supposed to start near Chapel Hill Boulevard and move east on the eastbound lanes to the Durham Freeway, then come back on the westbound lanes; then fresh paving goes down west to east and back.

ON HOLIDAY: No paving expected mid-November to mid-March: too cold.

HOW LONG? Contract gives Lane until May 10, 2008, to get through.

WHEN YOU'VE REALLY, REALLY, REALLY GOT TO BE THERE NOW: To avoid construction delays, DOT recommends taking the Durham Freeway from 15-501 or I-85 to I-40 east of the repaving zone. N.C. 54 roughly parallels I-40 most of the way through Durham County, but most of the way it is a two-lane road and offers many stoplights and much incoming traffic. You can always set out early and go exploring.

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