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Pimento cheese gets Mythos Bistro twist

CorrespondentMay 23, 2007 

Spurred on by its mention in the N&O restaurant review of Mythos Bistro in Cary, last Friday my date and I ordered the meze trio to start our meal. Everything was terrific, but I truly fell in love with the Htipiti (a blend of roasted red peppers and feta). When someone asks for pimento cheese spread in heaven, this must be what they get. It has ruined me for any other version of cheese and pepper spread. Could you persuade the chef to share the recipe? - C.K., Cary

Its name may be a tongue-twister, but Htipiti (pronounced CHTEE-pee-tee, with the CH sounding as it does in challah) rewards the tongue with a flavor that is indeed reminiscent of Southern pimento cheese and, yes, one might even say heavenly. Executive chef Pete Dalitsouris, who owns Mythos Bistro (6490 Tryon Road; 233-7555; www.mythosbistro.net) with brothers Ike and Kosta, shares recipes for Htipiti and another ambrosial offering, Feta Cheesecake.

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