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Staff WriterJuly 21, 2007 

I have always liked Craig Lindsey's movie reviews and not only because of his scary-deep knowledge of the industry, but also because he is brutally honest. If he doesn't like something, he'll tell you. Even if it drives you up the wall. Like in yesterday's review of "Hairspray," in which he wrote: "Do we really need a full-scale, full-tilt musical remake of a movie that was already a pretty decent musical? It really doesn't bring anything new to the table -- unless you count its snark-free, enthusiastic tone and some preachy musical numbers."

Now, you don't get those kinds of existential questions from many movie reviewers. Too often, you get pablum, which is not what you need, because if you are going to invest in tickets, popcorn and a baby sitter to go to the Megaplex 36 to see the latest cultural export from Hollywood, the reviewer should help you make an informed decision.

But the straight skinny from Craig may not sync up with your take on the movie. Which is OK. If everyone thought the way I did, "Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy" would have taken home Best Picture.

For example, Craig didn't care much (to put it mildly) for "Transformers," which looks like it will gross about a billion dollars planetwide when all is said and done. Some of those dollars have already come from 21-year-old Cameron Tranbarger of Raleigh, a graduate of the School of Communication Arts with a diploma in digital animation, who posted his own review on share.triangle.com.

Cameron, a 2004 graduate of Leesville Road High School and a "huge Mel Brooks fan," is hoping to become a character animator in the video game industry.

We published an excerpt from his review last week in What's Up. Here is some of what he had to say:

"The exact terminology I used after the movie was 'Wow ... I just spent almost three hours having my eyes and ears assaulted by the sheer volume of awesome coming from that movie.' "

Features Editor Thad Ogburn wants to reprint reader reviews from Share in What's Up every week. (This week, for example, we ran a review of the new Harry Potter flick from Kim Jackson of Raleigh.)

Maybe, for example, you liked the new Adam Sandler/Kevin James movie. (Craig's take: "...the most offensive movie you'll see all year..." So, I'm guessing Universal Pictures won't be using his comments in their ads.)

Here's what Thad recommends to help us publish your review:

* Try to keep it fairly short -- 75 to 100 words.

* Focus on what you think about the film, what you like and dislike. You may have some choice comments to make about Craig, but we've heard most of those before. Think about what would be useful for people who haven't seen the movie.

* Send in a photo of yourself. You could post it with your review or e-mail it to thad.ogburn@newsobserver.com.

Here's how to post your review. Go to share.triangle.com. Register. There's a button on the top right of the home page that says, "I want to." Click on that and "Post to the forums." A form will ask you what forum you want to post to, and you can click on "movies." Write your review and hit the "submit" button. If nothing happens, e-mail Thad or me.

And if you just want to just talk about injustice visited on Ron Burgundy by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, I'm available as well.

Deputy managing editor Dan Barkin can be reached at 829-4562 or dan.barkin@newsobserver.com.

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