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September 27, 2007 

Tongue, anyone?

Since our discussion last month about glandular meats, it appears we've become something of a clearinghouse for information on meats bizarre. Which leads Dennis in Cary to write:

"Does anybody out there know where I can find boiled and pressed ox tongue? I used to be able to buy it at Southern Season, but the fools discontinued it. In The U.K., it can be found in any deli or grocery. With a thin smear of Coleman's English mustard, it makes the very best sandwich."

Anyone have a good boiled and pressed ox tongue supplier they can recommend?


Anyone, II

In the beginning -- this would be a year, year and a half ago -- there was a vacant field with stately elms off Oberlin Road between Glenwood Avenue and Fairview Road. A developer thought people would pay top dollar for a snazzy townhome in this popular off-Five Points neighborhood. In came the bulldozers and chainsaws, down went the stately elms. Even those on the periphery.

Today, the townhomes (starting at $800,000) are nearing completion. Since no one wants to live in an $800,000 townhome without a tree here and there, in comes a landscaper with good-size -- at least 15-foot-high -- trees to replace the bulldozed elms. Some of the new trees appear to be in the exact locations as the elms.

That strikes us as odd. Odder still: Those stately elms had root systems extending deep into the ground. All the better for finding deeper groundwater and surviving a drought. Which, if the state climatologist is correct, we are deep into. The new trees -- not to mention the shrubs and bushes also going in -- will require bunches of water to get root systems established. Bunches of water that, again, the state climatologist says we don't have.

Anyone want to explain this phenomenon?


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