Tougher rules?

October 12, 2007 

The Raleigh water system, which includes Raleigh and the towns of Garner, Knightdale, Rolesville, Wake Forest, Wendell and Zebulon, enacted Stage 1 water restrictions on Aug. 28. City officials will consider adopting some or all of Stage 2, its strictest restrictions, next week.


Watering with automatic systems, sprinklers or hand-held devices limited to one day a week and only during certain hours.

Watering with a hand-held hose is allowed mornings and evenings.

Watering by low-volume drip irrigation permitted any time.

Residents allowed to wash cars at their homes only on Saturday or Sunday.

Commercial and industrial customers not under any mandatory restrictions.

Residents can pay $50 for a 45-day new lawn or landscape permit that allows them to water daily during certain hours.


All types of watering prohibited, including with a hand-held hose and by a low-volume drip system.

Washing cars prohibited at any location, unless a business has received approval from the Public Utilities Department.

Washing sidewalks, patios, decks and other exterior surfaces prohibited, unless done for public health or sanitary purposes.

New lawn and landscape permits no longer issued.

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