Drumroll profile: Luke Smith

Follow the Broughton band as it prepares for the Rose Parade

Staff WriterDecember 29, 2007 

Luke Smith

AGE/GRADE: 17, senior

INSTRUMENT: Tuba, the largest and lowest pitched brass instrument.

STEREOTYPES ABOUT TUBAS: "The rhythm: Bum-bom, bum-bom. It's pretty boring. Not too smart people play. It's easy -- except for the marching part. You get out of breath."

LUKE ALSO PLAYS: Tuba with the Triangle Youth Philharmonic, where he sometimes gets to play melody parts and solos.

NUMBER OF TUBA PLAYERS IN PASADENA: Nine -- three of which had to be pulled from other brass instruments. The band director usually has to actively recruit students to play tuba -- because so few students naturally take to the big, bulky instrument.

FUNNY SOUND TUBAS CAN PRODUCE: "Blasting -- that's when you make a really gross, obnoxious sound."

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