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Rains boost Durham water reserves

From Staff ReportsMarch 11, 2008 

— Weekend rains added 45 days to the city's supply of easily accessible drinking water.

Durham now has 282 days of "premium" water, defined as all that's above the intakes at the city's main reservoirs, Lake Michie and Little River.

Lake Michie is full, and Little River went from 16 feet below full last week to 4.6 feet below full.

Counting Teer Quarry and water below the intakes, which is harder to extract and treat, the city has 361 days of water stockpiled.

City Manager Patrick Baker said staff members will talk this week about dropping the Stage 4 water restrictions down to Stage 3, which would allow for some outdoor irrigation. But he said he didn't think that was likely.

City Council member Eugene Brown noted the city's water supply was at this level in May. By December, the city had only about a month of easily accessible drinking water left.

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