Travel diary: Alice Osborn

Osborn, 35, Is a Raleigh Writer and High School English Teacher.

March 27, 2008 

How she drives: "I was a late bloomer driver. I got my license at 16, but didn't really drive on my own until I was 22. I grew up in a single-car family in Northern Virginia and my parents didn't want me experimenting with their only vehicle. I've always been a little insecure behind the wheel and I don't take crazy risks. ...I hate making left turns."

Why she chose her 2008 Subaru Outback: "I used to own a Mustang (red, 1996), and I was such a cop magnet. I liked this Subaru because it's a wagon to hold all of my gear, it has a strong engine (I was spoiled after my V6), and it has good tires to withstand rainy weather and ice. I skidded out in my Mustang last June and hit a curb which damaged my front driver's side rim. It scared me. I didn't want a repeat performance with two kids (Baby Erin was born Christmas Eve). The Subaru also doesn't look like a dork car. It ... looks very outdoorsy and sporty, which suits my personality."

Saving strategies: "My dad taught me to coast to a red light, and I continue to do so even though it seems everyone else wants to rush to that red light and waste gas. This kind of driver behavior really burns me. I remember my dad used to say that these drivers had 'arrested development.' You should know, however, that my dad still drives 45 in a 55 mph, BUT he's never had a ticket in his whole life! ... People need to get over themselves and not rush everywhere -- it's very fuel- inefficient."

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