Expo attendees on Obama

March 30, 2008 

'He's not pulling any dirt like Clinton is. It could go either way, it doesn't matter. But I'm leaning toward Obama.'

--Beverly Groves, Smithfield

'I was going to go with Hillary, but I've really been disappointed in the way she's been lashing out at Obama. She's a little vicious attacking him, and it really is hurting the Democrats.

It's making John McCain a little bit stronger. He [Obama] would be the stronger one. Even though I believe in women's rights, I still think we need a man in the White House. I'm a woman, but I think that would be better at this time in America. I just do.'

--Joanne Jones Green, Raleigh

'He's a black man running for president, he's qualified to be president. I think she would make a good president, too, but when you put them together, I've got to go with him.'

--Diane Patterson, Raleigh

'I like his views, but I could do with either one -- as long as it's a Democrat.'

--Monique Burnette, Raleigh

'Hillary is the establishment, as far as I'm concerned. She was there when Bill was there. They did some things that I didn't agree with, and I think she'll continue to do the same old thing that Bill did.'

--Earlene Womack,Tarboro

'Change -- he is about change, and we need significant change in this nation, in this world. Obama, I like his views: health care, kids in schools, the whole nine yards. This world is in a state of turmoil. We need to turn it around. I feel that he is the right one to do just that.'

--Cynthia Wilson, Raleigh

'I'm not only talking about African-Americans but minorities, period. We need a lot of changes when it comes to them. He's talking about a lot of change, especially with the schools. I'm trying to go back to college; it's going to make it a whole lot easier for me.'

--Jackie Ramsey, Raleigh

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