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The Associated PressApril 2, 2008 

McCAIN ON TEACHERS: Sen. John McCain returned to his high school alma mater Tuesday to reminisce about a teacher who inspired him and stress his support for weeding out the bad in today's classroom instructors.

"We should reward the best of them with merit pay and encourage teachers who have lost their focus on the children they teach to find another line of work," he said at Episcopal High School in Alexandria, Va.

CLINTON ON QUITTING: Addressing a meeting of the Pennsylvania AFL-CIO Tuesday, Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton compared herself to Rocky Balboa, the scrappy underdog boxer from Philadelphia memorably depicted in the 1976 Oscar-winning film. She said that she, like Rocky, isn't a quitter.

Recalling a famous scene on the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art, Clinton said to end her presidential campaign now would be as if "Rocky Balboa had gotten halfway up those art museum steps and said, 'Well, I guess that's about far enough.' "

OBAMA ON MCCAIN: In Wilkes-Barre, Pa., Sen. Barack Obama criticized McCain's policies on the U.S. troop presence in Iraq, trade and tax cuts. In his town-hall session Tuesday, and in other campaign appearances in recent days, Obama has sought to frame the race as a general election matchup between him and Republican rival McCain.

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