Triangle welcomes its college students

From Staff ReportsAugust 14, 2008 

Triangle universities are welcoming new and returning students to campus this week as parents and children unload boxes and suitcases in dormitory rooms.

Moving-in days will be accompanied by activities intended to introduce students to life on campus and draw them into volunteer activities. Among the highlights:

N.C. STATE: On Saturday, the university will hold the 12th annual "legacy lunch" for students whose parents or grandparents are NCSU alumni. This year marks the largest number of new legacies with the arrival of 714 students who have a family tie to the school. Overall, NCSU has the largest freshman class of any Triangle university, with 4,700 freshmen and 1,050 new transfer students. Move-in days: Aug. 15-17.

UNC-CHAPEL HILL: On Friday, two UNC alumni will have completed a 170-mile walk as part of a historic re-creation of the trek by the university's first student, Hinton James, who walked from Wilmington to the Old Well in 1795. Bryan Jones of Charlotte and Nicholas Becketti of Washington set out on their trip on Aug. 2. Move-in days: Aug. 15-17.

DUKE: On Aug. 23, Duke will hold an "into the city" event designed to introduce new students to Durham. They will perform volunteer service at nonprofit organizations and schools until 2 p.m. Mayor Bill Bell will welcome the students. Faculty members will also take small groups of students to visit some of their favorite area haunts. Move-in days: Aug. 13-23.

N.C. CENTRAL UNIVERSITY'S move-in days were Tuesday through today. Meredith College will welcome new and returning students Saturday.

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