High school huddle

September 9, 2008 

  • St. David's scored seven touchdowns on plays of more than 40 yards each in a 76-35 eight-man football victory over Hobgood Academy on Friday night. St. David's rushed for 691 yards on 32 carries, and the teams combined for 1,100 rushing yards.

    Is it easier to score a lot in eight-man?: "People say that, but last year our state championship game was 14-8 with Trinity scoring late in the fourth quarter for the win. I can't say if it is easier or not. I played 11-man at East Wake, and I remember winning 60-0 and losing 60-0. High scores happen in 11-man, too. I think high-scoring offense is more a reflection of who you are playing."

    What happened against Hobgood Academy?: "Hobgood is very big and very strong, but it didn't have as many skill players as we had. Hobgood didn't match up well with our speed, and our offensive line did a great job. We were able to make plays."

    In eight-man, aren't fewer players spread over the same size field?: "No. Our field is 100 yards long, but it isn't as wide as 11-man fields. Ours is 47.5 yards wide, about 5 yards more narrow.

    Had you ever seen anything like Friday's game?: "Never. I talking to my assistant coaches and they'd never seen anything like it either."

  • Domonic Currie, Cedar Ridge: Accounted for 454 all-purpose yards with 220 rushing yards and kickoff returns of 90 and 94 yards for touchdowns.

    Pat Dunigan, South Johnston: Completed 11 of 16 passes for 191 yards in a 36-26 win over Clayton.

    C.J. Frederick, West Johnston: Rushed for 140 yards in a 49-14 victory over North Johnston.

    Anthony Hinton, Clayton: Rushed for 327 yards on 36 carries in a 36-26 loss to South Johnston.

    B.G. Howell, Garner: Completed 10 of 15 passes for 295 yards and five touchdowns in a 68-31 win over Riverside. Ian Hunter had 198 yards in receptions.

    Ryan Mangum, Leesville Road: Intercepted two passes in a 26-0 victory over Apex.

    Raine McMillan, St. David's: Rushed for 435 yards and scored five touchdowns in a 76-35 victory over Hobgood Academy.

    Tyreese Prince and Anthony Johnson, Harnett Central: Made the final two tackles in the closing seconds near the goal line during a 27-20 upset victory over 2007 4-AA champion Wilmington Hoggard.

    Corey Gattis and Desmond Scott, Durham Hillside: Gattis completed 21 of 35 passes for 343 yards, and Scott returned a kickoff 90 yards, rushed for 105 and had receptions for 120 in a 14-14 tie with Goldsboro.



1. Millbrook (2)3-0

2. Wake Forest-Rolesville (1)2-1

3. Leesville Road (5)3-0

4. Durham Hillside (4)2-0-1

5. Harnett Central (10)3-0

6. Durham Jordan (6)2-0

7. West Johnston (7)3-0

8. Southern Durham (NR)1-2

9. Bunn (9)3-0

10. Enloe (NR)3-0

11. Garner (NR)2-1

12. South Johnston (12)2-1


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