Shrubs block view of traffic, drivers say

Staff WriterSeptember 27, 2008 

— Some Raleigh residents are complaining about a blind spot at the intersection of Ebenezer Church Road and Bridgeton Park Drive. Ebenezer Church recently was widened for a new townhouse development.

It's difficult to see traffic coming up Ebenezer Church Road for those who are trying to make a right-hand turn onto Ebenezer out of the Bridgeton Park subdivision. A few shrubs at the intersection also affect sight lines.

"You definitely can't see," said Bridgeton Park resident Nancy Rudolph. "You have to kind of put your nose [of the car] out there."

The difficulty at the intersection was news to Eric Lamb, manager of Raleigh's Transportation Services Division. After visiting the site, he said it didn't seem to be "terribly problematic."

Still, he acknowledged that drivers do have to inch their cars up slightly onto Ebenezer Church Road, but he said it's not to the point where they are into the intersection.

When the road was widened, Lamb said, the stop sign at the end of Bridgeton Park could have been pushed back a little.

He did say that he is recommending a basic field assessment that will determine whether the shrubs need to be trimmed to help drivers see the traffic on Ebenezer Church Road.

"They're not that big, but they can contribute to reducing the sight distance," he said.

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