For Panthers, Smith remains 'The Man'

Staff WriterJanuary 2, 2009 

I believe Steve Smith should be the Carolina Panthers' MVP for 2008.

I would guess, however, that DeAngelo Williams would win a vote among Panthers fans if there was a scientific one. Less baggage. Younger. And incredible stats.

It's a good debate, so have at it. But in the meantime, here would be my top five candidates for Panthers MVP, in order, for 2008:

1. STEVE SMITH. If you keep the debate on the field, where it should stay when deciding something like this, he's been incredibly clutch so many times this season.

2. DEANGELO WILLIAMS. A stunning breakout year for the NFL's leader with 20 TDs.

3. JULIUS PEPPERS. A career high in sacks for Peppers, who is going to get an unfathomable amount of money before too long, when his contract is extended.

4. JAKE DELHOMME. Not his best year statistically, but his intangibles (he's a winner with great leadership skills) made a huge difference.

5. JON BEASON. If you think the Panthers' defense has been bad lately despite this Pro Bowl middle linebacker, believe me, you don't ever want to see it without him on the field.

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