Cooper to have another lawyer added to team

February 12, 2009 

RALEIGH — Bradley Cooper will have an extra public defender added to his team of lawyers and will get limited access to a laptop so his attorneys can review the case against him, a Wake County superior court judge ordered Thursday.

During part of a day-long scheduling conference on murder cases in the Wake County courthouse, Judge Donald Stephens issued the order. Cooper, 35, faces first-degree murder charges in the strangulation of Nancy Cooper , his wife of eight years and the mother of his two daughters. Coopers access to the computer will be limited to when his attorneys visit him in jail; he will not have a computer at other times.

In a December hearing, Wake County prosecutor Howard Cummings said that investigators hadn't found any aggravating factors to justify the death penalty under North Carolina law. The law requires prosecutors to prove at least one aggravating factor, such as a particularly heinous, atrocious or cruel killing, before a jury can consider the death penalty for a person convicted of murder.   

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