State's Avent riffs on Ol' Roy

Staff WriterMarch 11, 2009 

RALEIGH — N.C. State coach Elliott Avent went to Ol’ Roy’s playbook Tuesday.

In jest, he threw an F-bomb, and then another for good measure.

The Wolfpack had just taken an 11-4 beating at the hands of George Mason. But he still had a sense of humor after talking with the team.

Avent had said the team disappeared and “We’ve got to figure out why that happens and what we’re going to do to correct it.”

Asked to elaborate on “why that happens,” Avent laughed.

“I could give you the Roy Williams quote,” joked Avent. “If I (expletive) knew, I’d correct it. Do you want to use that one? It worked for him. I didn’t see him get in any trouble so, if I (expletive) knew, I’d correct it.”

North Carolina men’s basketball coach Roy Williams let the word fly at a post-game press conference in February.

However, unlike Williams’ slip, Avent’s words weren’t broadcast live over the team’s radio network.

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