New-found pleasure

March 20, 2009 

I just finished the most nauseating article I've ever read in the Sunday N&O. The March 15 article "Laid-off moms find upside" found that a few working moms, after being laid off, discovered they had families at home! Imagine that.

I learned that these women, once forced to stay at home, took great pleasure in taking their kids to school, changing an occasional diaper, taking them to the park and -- gasp! -- even taking them to the doctor (who, evidently, didn't know who some of the mothers were). Spending time with your children at school and at home and basically caring for them is nice? What a novel idea. And they had to get laid off to discover all this?

I believe it's impossible to replace most stay-at-home moms, but I also know that there are just as many dedicated working moms who take their kids to school, change their diapers, take them to the doctor and spend lots of quality time with them. In both situations it's called sacrifice. These women should try it.

If some women have no intention of raising their children, they should just buy a dog. No, nix that. Both children and dogs deserve better. Now, where's that Pepto-Bismol?

Randy Wilson


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