Greedy owners

March 22, 2009 

I would like to respond to the March 15 article about the woman who owns a landscaping company and hires illegal immigrants. I have been in the business for 10-plus years and never heard of anyone getting paid $22 an hour. I have experience in running heavy equipment, am certified in lawn spraying, etc., and my top pay was $14 an hour.

I have worked with immigrants, and they, too, complain. The American business owner is greedy! All of them want the big house, fancy cars, vacation homes, etc. They don't want to pay legal workers what it takes for them to survive and feed a family. I along with other workers can't pay bills on $6 an hour and won't live with 10 other people in a two-bedroom trailer.

If the business owner were forced to provide fair wages and safe working conditions, then Americans would work harder! This woman and many other owners are not telling the truth and are thinking with greed instead of compassion and American pride.

James Jones, Raleigh

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