Not eating it up

March 23, 2009 

I would like to add my comments to the March 3 letter "Ruinous rudeness," referring to the writer's experience at the Durham Performing Arts Center.

My husband and I attended the Willie Nelson concert at DPAC last month. The facility is first-rate -- excellently staffed, beautiful and classy. However, we had a difficult time making the connection between such a facility and the fact that members of the audience are permitted to leave their seats during the performance to obtain food and drink, which are then consumed at their seats. This is the epitome of rudeness not only to the performer(s) but also to people whose view is interrupted by entire rows of people rising so eaters and drinkers can exit and return. Some were even climbing over the backs of their seats.

Allowing that activity diminishes DPAC. We attend performances in venues all over the Triangle and have never witnessed such behavior at an indoor facility. Needless to say, we were aghast.

Suzanne Krill


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