Ready for pickup

March 26, 2009 

Regarding your March 20 article "Greeting the folks may cost more":

When meeting friends and relatives at RDU, I usually arrive 30 minutes after the expected arrival time because of the strict rules regarding momentary parking. I do not (usually) have to circle around many times in order to make this quick pickup.

Recently I traveled to Phoenix and was delighted to see that the airport has what is known as a "cell lot." This park-free lot is specifically set up for those meeting incoming flights. They may park safely and conveniently, causing little or no congestion. Drivers must remain with their automobiles at all times.

As soon as those on flights are off the planes and have their baggage, they merely call the cell phone of the person waiting to say they are ready for pick-up. Also, in the cell lot there is a sign giving arrival information so the pickup person has an indication of approximately when to expect a call.

I understand that cell lots exist at other airports, but this was the first time I had experienced one (as an arrival passenger), and it was wonderful. It certainly alleviates the need for drivers to have to use the parking decks.

Betty Sher, Pittsboro

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