Wrong medicine

March 27, 2009 

On March 15 you published an editorial advocating universal health care, citing the misleading figure of 50 million people without health insurance and also the support of the senior administrator at UNC Hospitals.

Should you not also point out that of the government's own number of 47 million without health insurance, 17 million make more than $50,000 a year yet elect not to buy it and 21 million are in transition, that is, are changing providers and will be insured within four months? This leaves 9 million, some portion of whom already qualify for government benefits but don't know it. It also does not address the question that at least 10 million of the total are not U.S. citizens.

So why must we have universal health care for a problem that is represented by 3 percent or less of the population?

As for UNC, of course it wants government payments. That hospital treats a disproportionate number of indigents who can't pay.

There is a lot wrong with the system, but a large share of it is caused by government involvement of the type you recommend — killing flies with hand grenades.

Richard Moss

Chapel Hill

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