Cookie conundrum for Tar Heels

March 29, 2009 

MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- North Carolina coach Roy Williams is a superstitious guy. So maybe he was just trying to continue his NCAA trend when he started complaining that there weren't enough cookies at FedExForum before his team began its pre-Great-Eight press conference on Saturday.

"I think as much money as we're making off this tournament, we oughta be able to afford more than one frickin' cookie back in the room there," said Williams, whose team will face Oklahoma tonight. "I think the NCAA can afford more than that. Other than that, we're happy to be here."

Remember: two years ago, Williams was cranky about the fact that he had to pour his soda into an NCAA-mandated cup. Last year, it was all about the NCAA sticker-logo in the middle of the playing floor.

Eventually, a moderator asked that more baked goods be made available for the Tar Heels (Ty Lawson requested oatmeal, Williams asked for peanut-butter). But what happened to that one cookie in the meantime?

"Nobody got the cookie," Lawson said. "I was about to take it, but everybody was looking at it, and I didn't want to be selfish. So I just left it there."

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