Humor in hooch

March 31, 2009 

The March 25 article on legislation allowing sales of liquor on Sundays reminded me of a tale retired U.S. Sen. Alan Simpson used to tell about a meeting, many years ago, in a small church in a small town.

A polished raconteur, Simpson told of the fully-proportioned woman who harshly and lengthily went on defining the evils wrought by imbibing in those spirits made from the grape and the grain. It must have seemed like an eternity to a man sitting in the rear pew, whose breath was known to everyone in the town, who stood up and asked the speaker, "What about the time he changed the water into wine. ... What about that?"

To which the speaker, looking him straight in the eye, said, "I would have thought a great deal more about him if he hadn't done it!"

Indeed, it seems to me that Simpson was humorously defining a sense of hypocrisy, which appears to be part and parcel of the ongoing debate regarding the sale of liquor on Sundays in North Carolina and other states.

Perhaps, just perhaps, a bit of humor might make these political deliberations more productive. I hope so. It's time we recognize hypocrisy as a deterrent to common sense.

Bob Adams


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