Gentleman of character

April 2, 2009 

Regarding your March 27 article "Much-admired N&O writer A.J. Carr will retire":

I met A.J. Carr 20 or so years ago, although I would not expect him to remember my name. You see, my athletic abilities (rather, a lack of) were not something to be written about. However, at some point, Carr had the occasion to ask me a question or two. I'm almost sure my comments never drew ink, but that's beside the point. From that encounter, I came to admire the man because of how he handled himself.

I will miss reading his articles for sure, as they had a way of reminding me of a real life example of a preferable way to go about one's life work. Let's hope aspiring writers come to know who he is and take the time to understand why is so widely admired by those he reported on. Let's face it, a strong character, gentlemanly behavior and unwavering integrity are obtainable for all, yet in today's world we are all too frequently reminded of their absence.

I will miss being reminded of the many admirable qualities that come to mind each time I read his work.

J.L. Stacks


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