A God revealed

April 5, 2009 

I read with interest your March 29 article on Bart Ehrman. He and I share some common background: I was educated at an evangelical Baptist college (Piedmont Baptist) and at an evangelical seminary (Southeastern Baptist Seminary). I appreciate scholarship and appreciate Ehrman's personable style.

However, I must say that I do not share his view of Scripture (historical-critical), nor do I share his view of God (he is a "happy agnostic"). I believe God has revealed Himself to us in Scripture, and through His resurrected Son.

While I appreciate textual criticism, one must carefully examine the presuppositions behind one's theology. Ehrman advocates a "closed universe," where God, if He exists at all, does not reveal Himself to us. This leaves us with no hope, for as St. Paul stated: "If Christ is not risen from the grave, we are without hope."

I am very appreciative of the excellent scholars under whom I studied, who advocated the "historical-grammatical interpretation" of Scripture, and I appreciate Karl Barth's "neo-orthodoxy," which I studied carefully in seminary. These positions answer the question very thoroughly: Has God revealed Himself to us? Resoundingly yes!

Joseph Walters

Wake Forest

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