An investment

April 12, 2009 

As our Wake County school board wrestles with allocating fewer dollars, let me share my perspective as a businessperson and a Communities In Schools of Wake County supporter.

CIS makes a meaningful difference for many of our most at-risk students. In classrooms and afterschool learning centers, CIS helps young people find greater educational success, make better choices and strive to reach their full potential. We enjoy strategic partnerships with both the Wake County Board of Commissioners and the public school system.

In business, we invest in long term success; we find the upfront costs are far outweighed by not investing. That's one reason my company helped renovate the learning center in the Heritage Park community.

We know how CIS Wake programs impact our students. There is an analogy here to consider in the current funding discussions.

Citizens and businesses benefit through a strong education system, and that requires continued investment. I believe this investment will pay off for our community, businesses and most importantly the young people and families we serve. The investments we make today are far less than what it will take if we do not support programs like Communities In Schools.

Allen Jones

Senior Vice President, Skanska


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