Get rid of 'gimmies'

April 14, 2009 

So, our governor objects to expanding average class size by two (news story, March 28)?

Having grown up in Aberdeen, a town of about 1,400 at the time, I look back on the teachers who successfully managed 40 plus students/class. Did they complain and were they unionized? No, thank goodness! No air-conditioning other than open windows, and I'm sure they were underpaid based on current thinking. But I never heard them complain.

Those wonderful teachers managed to educate me, my sister and two brothers. My family was unquestionably poor. We had no health insurance, no indoor water or plumbing (we had an outhouse) or other "luxuries." However, my brother and I (after a stint in the Navy/Coast Guard) worked our way through UNC-Chapel Hill and had very successful careers before retiring. Another brother retired from the Air Force.

Bottom line is that our teachers provided the foundation for our success!

Today's "gimmie, gimmie" society (and our government's willingness to spread the wealth accordingly) will be our ruination if it continues.

Bob Wright


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