Discretion enough

April 18, 2009 

I take issue with Rep. Ric Killian's legislation that would require more frequent driver's license renewal tests for older people as noted in your April 8 article. This policy would create only more trips to the DMV for older drivers and more work on top of the already heavy workload of the driver's license examiners.

This state has in effect a policy to re-examine drivers of any age frequently who might have handicaps or medical problems that may be a handicap to operating a motor vehicle safely.

When I went to work as an examiner in 1965, a road test was mandatory for all renewal tests for people age 65 and older. This policy was discontinued during the early '70s and left to the examiner's discretion whether a road test was necessary.

I would like to suggest that Killian, if he hasn't already done so, spend a little time in a DMV office. I will guarantee he will get an education on how well these examiners do their jobs.

Arnold L. McLain


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