A depressing display

April 18, 2009 

Few things could be as simultaneously ridiculous and depressing as the so-called Tea Parties held April 15. They were ridiculous because they were not, like the Boston Tea Party, a perilous act of protest by a group of revolutionary patriots who had no representation with the people who made decisions affecting them. The protests were comical acts made by conservatives who, I would assume, could and did vote in the November elections. Their side lost. From day one, President Obama has had to deal with the economic crisis left to him by his Republican predecessor.

Wednesday's masquers have no idea whether the payments they characterize as "bailouts" will be effective; they just want to vent, which is fine, but why make such a show of it? I'm sure some of the protesters resent the very idea of being governed and begrudge the government every cent of taxes they have ever paid. I have to believe that few of them realize they are doing the work of the ultra-rich, who helped put us in this mess, and Republican politicians, many of whom publicly stated that they hoped that the president's plan to save our economy would fail. This is what is depressing about the "Tea Parties."

Wayland Massey


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