Answerable epidemic

April 18, 2009 

Your editorial April 7 on the latest fatal-shootings epidemic ended with a plaintive plea for answers "to the degree they can be found beyond the simply inexplicable actions of a human mind gone wrong."

The answers are notably nonelusive, in four short words: Guns and their lobby.

I used to think surely we'd wake up. But apparently we'd rather put up with the gore and the grief forever just so nobody takes away our lethal toys. And please don't rant about defending homes. How many times can you recall a gun-owning homeowner fending off an intruder? Versus how many deaths of innocents and law officers, bystanders and domestic victims that could not have happened if guns had been strictly reserved for hunting season and law enforcement?

Nations that control guns do not have these epidemics. The current surge of blood and grief is another payment we make on the price of letting the NRA and its cowed clients in Congress twist a Second Amendment intended to protect against insurrection and war into a circular firing squad big enough for us all.

Ann Thackrey Berry


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