Wake to allow students to share parking spaces

Staff WriterApril 21, 2009 

— The Wake County school board agreed today to change parking regulations, allowing students to share parking spaces.

School board members say they hope the new policies, which will go into effect for the 2009-10 school year, will encourage students to carpool to class. Currently, students who share or lend their parking tag to classmates run the risk of losing their parking privileges and having their vehicles towed if they are caught.

When Wake increased parking fees by $50 for this school year, school board members told the upset teens they could car pool as an alternative and share parking spaces. But the promise was largely unfulfilled because of a prohibition put in place for this school year.

Russ Smith, Wake's senior director for school security, said the guidelines aren't binding, but most high schools follow the sharing ban. Similar bans are used by Johnston and Orange counties.

Smith said there were security concerns that led to the ban. But now, students will list the vehicles that will share the spaces.

Sharing spaces is not a requirement for each school, but Smith said he expects just about all of Wake's high school principals to allow spaces to be shared next school year.

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