NASCAR content on safety

The Associated PressApril 28, 2009 

— Despite injuries to fans from flying debris, NASCAR is satisfied with its safety standards, saying the fence at Talladega Superspeedway did what it was supposed to do: Keep Carl Edwards' car out of the grandstands.

In a last-lap accident, Edwards' car sailed upside-down into the front-stretch fence, which bowed but held, before the vehicle returned to the track. Blake Bobbitt, one of seven injured by debris, remained hospitalized Monday with a broken jaw.

"One of our primary goals over the years is to build a retaining fence that keeps the cars and parts and pieces out of the spectator areas. Nothing is bullet proof," NASCAR spokesman Jim Hunter said Monday. "The retaining fence did what it's supposed to do. There was some debris that went into the grandstand that fortunately did not invoke serious injury."

NASCAR will evaluate the fence height surrounding the race track and beef up its policing of aggressive driving and blocking, when one car deliberately moves into the path of a competing car trying to pass it.

O'REILLY AUTO PARTS 250: Strong winds, rain and hail, even tornadoes weren't enough to stop Mike Skinner from giving football star Randy Moss his first win as a NASCAR truck owner.

Waiting through two days, a pair of weather delays and a tornado scare, Skinner won the rain-shortened O'Reilly Auto Parts 250 trucks race at Kansas Speedway on Monday, the first victory for Randy Moss Motorsports.

"We got us one. It's just really, really cool," Skinner said.

Skinner led when the race was postponed after 52 laps Saturday. He fell behind defending champion Roy Hornaday Jr. in the pits Monday, then went back up front just before the second rain delay. With the drivers in the pits and a handful of fans in the stands, Skinner was declared the winner after 132 laps, 35 short of the finish.

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