All on Allred

May 5, 2009 

The episode has raised curiosity on several counts. On a Monday evening (April 27) that Burlington Republican Rep. Cary Allred would like to forget, he was pulled over by a state Highway Patrol trooper while heading to a legislative session from home. Allred was given a warning. But then, on Friday, he was issued a speeding ticket after the Patrol checked with the Orange County District Attorney's Office. He was cited for going 102 miles an hour in a 65 zone near the split of Interstates 40 and 85.

The Patrol is investigating why Allred first got off with a warning. At some point in talking with the trooper, Allred said, he had told the officer he was on his way to vote in the legislature, and upon being asked for identification, showed the trooper his legislative I.D.

The Patrol isn't alone in investigating. The House is looking into reports that Allred was intoxicated at the legislature and inappropriately hugged a teenage page. (Allred said she was a family friend.)

These issues need settling. The Patrol can't appear to be doing favors for legislators and legislators certainly can't appear to be asking for them. And, lawmakers have to conduct themselves properly while doing the public's business. Both of these investigations must be timely, and entirely public. If Allred indeed is the subject of a "witch hunt," as he alleges, then the public needs to know that. If the legislator was out of bounds, the public needs to know that, too. The credibility of Allred, the Patrol and the state House are at stake.

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