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Hunting for deals on maternity clothes? Me, too.

STAFF WRITERMay 6, 2009 

I'm a cheapskate when it comes to fashion -- even when I'm not pregnant.

I like to look for deals, and I pride myself on not spending more than $30 on a pair of shoes, except when it comes to sneakers.

So finding maternity clothes that are cheap and also fit me and look half-way decent can be a chore. I'm lucky that I don't have to get too dressed up for work. A nice-looking T-shirt with a pair of pants or skirt works here.

And this time around, I have to completely makeover my maternity wardrobe, because my first daughter was born in the winter and this second one will be born in September. Those thick sweaters just aren't going to cut it in the middle of August.

So far I've purchased about 10 pieces. Some cost as little as $1 and most are about $5 or so. The most expensive piece was $15.

Here's where I've found some good deals. Please share yours at .

The Red Hen, Carrboro. I was there several months ago, when I was only about two months pregnant, so all I got was a pair of Liz Lange cropped maternity pants from Target for $6. But I was impressed with the big selection, and I plan to go back when I'm in Carrboro again next month.

Consignment Sales, across the Triangle. I went to the Nearly New Consignment sale in Raleigh earlier this year and got five pieces for about $6. Hayes Barton Baptist Church's Kids Stuff sale also had some great deals. (Gap pants for $4! Japanese Weekend for $1.50!). We're near the end of the sale season, but the Second Blessing Consignment Sale in Cary later next month will have maternity clothes.

Bargain Box, Cameron Village, Raleigh. A project of the Junior League of Raleigh, the Bargain Box has a pretty good sized rack of maternity clothes. My biggest splurge was here: a navy dress from Motherhood, with the tags still on it, for $15. I also bought a pair of Liz Lange from Target jeans for $3.50.

Old Navy sales, either online or in stores, especially the one near Triangle Town Center, which has a small maternity section. One holdover from my first pregnancy is a pair of pants I bought off the sales rack for about $3. This time around, I bought a T-shirt for $6 and a pair of shorts for $8.

Passage Consignment Shoppe, Raleigh: I've been driving by this place for many months and had been wondering what the deal was. I walked in recently on a whim and was pleasantly surprised. They've got a good selection of maternity clothes, along with clothes for everybody else, home furnishings, and more. I bought a skirt from Motherhood for $8. When you look at the tags, the prices are likely discounted. See the big signs to understand the color-coded tags. The store is having a big May sale. Looks like I'll be back.

Kid to Kid, Cary. I haven't made it back there yet, but I did buy several pieces from them last time around.

On the downside, I went to the Motherhood Maternity store at Carolina Premium Outlets in Smithfield last week and was disappointed. The front of the store seemed to be exactly the same as the stores you find at the mall.

The back of the store had some sales racks with a lot of winter clothes, which really isn't going to do anybody much good unless they'll be pregnant six or eight months from now. The Gymboree outlet is worth the drive, though.

This list is far from comprehensive. Where have you scored some cheap maternity clothes?

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