In this together

May 8, 2009 

There have been numerous commentaries and letters to the editor regarding the governor's decision to dock state workers' pay and force work furloughs. None of these actions is pleasant for anyone involved, but in light of current fiscal challenges faced by our state, they are essential.

I may not agree with all of Governor Perdue's policies or decisions, but I have to commend her for taking bold and courageous actions and for making very difficult decisions when they are necessary. Rather than criticizing her for these decisions, we should recognize her as a leader in difficult circumstances.

I can only encourage those affected by these actions to keep things in perspective. At least they still have jobs and have not had a 20 percent pay cut forced upon them.

During these challenging times, sacrifice is required by all of us in one form or another. Just as we came together as a unified nation following the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks, we should also put that patriotic spirit and will-do attitude to work in these difficult economic circumstances. Let's all put aside our selfish interests and support our governor and state leadership in solving our fiscal problems.

Ross Rhudy, Raleigh

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