N.C. torture ties

May 10, 2009 

I'm outraged that The News & Observer chose to dignify columnist Charles Krauthammer's hate speech by reprinting it. It is especially aggravating since the Old Reliable has mostly failed to vigorously expose North Carolina's link to the U.S. torture program. North Carolina is host to the flight crews that delivered many innocent men to torture, and with the exception of one or two congressmen and 22 state representatives, nearly every public official from the governor down to the Johnston County Board of Commissioners has turned a deaf ear on pleas for either investigation and punishment of the perpetrators or restorative justice to the victims.

Krauthammer's piece advocating appropriate uses for torture was so misguided, in fact, that I ask you to print a correction. It was also profoundly un-American and unpatriotic. Krauthammer argued that we would and should trade our core values for personal safety.

What a slander against every man and woman who has sacrificed or risked his or her life to preserve not only our freedom, but also our integrity.

Josh McIntyre


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