Wake makes school transfer policy decisions

STAFF WRITERMay 19, 2009 

RALEIGH — Wake County school board members made a variety of decisions today affecting families who want to send their children to schools different from the one they’ve been assigned to for this fall.

Board members agreed to some things that will make it easier for families to go to the school they want to attend. But in some other cases, board members agreed to make it harder for families to get the school if they want.

Notices went out Friday to parents telling them where their children are slated to go to school for the 2009-10 school year. Parents have until June 1 to file a transfer request to go to a different school than the one listed.

Many families will file transfer requests to keep their children where they’re now at if they were part of the three-year reassignment plan approved by the school board in February. But other families will ask for assignment to a different school.

Requests that are rejected by administrators can be appealed to the school board.

Parents whose transfer requests are approved usually lose bus service. But beginning this school year, they can request transportation although staff has warned few of those requests will be granted.

Citing a slowdown in growth, the board had decided this year to expand the number of students who are eligible for “grandfathering,” meaning they could automatically stay at their current school if they’re reassigned.

But some transfer requests are still discretionary, leading to today’s discussion. Among the things the board agreed to today include: * Staff will deny requests if they feel parents are trying to avoid a future reassignment. This doesn’t affect a family eligible for grandfathering. * Staff won’t automatically approve requests from employees who want their children to go a school different from where they work. * Staff won’t automatically approve requests from bus drivers for their children to go to schools for which they drive. * Staff will automatically approve requests from rising fifth-, eighth- and 12th-graders to stay at their current school if they had previously not given consent to attend a year-round or modified-calendar schools. * Staff will automatically reject requests from families whose transfer was previously revoked because they used a false address. * Staff will not approve requests to attend academies or career and technical education programs at high schools.

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