Eyes on the prosecutor

May 19, 2009 

Regarding your stories on former Gov. Mike Easley and the federal prosecutor's investigation into his activities as governor:

It is obvious someone must be the watchdog on government, and you have done so admirably. I disagree with many stances you have taken, but open and honest government is one stance we should all agree with.

I think it critical that we all keep our eye on the ball. Sen. Kay Hagan has appointed a panel to recommend to her a replacement for the Bush-appointed federal prosecutor, George E.B. Holding, the man who is spearheading the inquiries into Easley.

Hagan is a protégé of N.C. Senate President Pro Tem Marc Basnight. Another protégé (actually more than that) is N.C. Senate Majority Leader Tony Rand.

And who is one of the leading candidates for this U.S. Attorney position? Superior Court Judge Ripley Rand, son of Tony Rand. Add to that mix your report that Easley appointed Judge Rand and his wife to judgeships, and we have the potential for a huge stink in Raleigh.

I hope Hagan and the Obama administration are paying attention and use caution with their selection.

Douglas B. Aitken


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