Unfair to Dole

May 28, 2009 

Rob Christensen's column is often interesting with his historical perspective and political connections. However, his May 17 column "A trio of fallen Tar Heels" was a mean-spirited, gratuitous and undeserved attack on former Sen. Elizabeth Dole.

Christensen stated that several years ago John Edwards was the vice presidential nominee, Mike Easley was an up-and-comer and Elizabeth Dole was rising in the Senate. The trio with more in common is Edwards, Easley and former House Speaker Jim Black. Jim Black accomplished a small miracle by being re-elected speaker when the opposition party won the election.

The fall of both Edwards and Easley involves a grand jury-investigating criminal behavior. Black's fall not only included the grand jury but conviction and imprisonment.

Elizabeth Dole's fall was only an election loss in the midst of a Democratic landslide. There is absolutely no comparison between criminal accusations surrounding both Easley and Edwards and an election loss.

Dole has a long and illustrious career serving our country. It is disgraceful to link her to politicians under criminal investigation. Perhaps all of the criminal activity by elected Democrats is too much for Christensen to accept without associating a Republican with the criminal investigations. Dole deserves an apology.

Chad Adams


The writer, a former Lee County commissioner, is a candidate for state Republican Party chairman.

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