Fetzer's denial

May 29, 2009 

The bigger issue for Tom Fetzer ("Shoulda walked it off, Tom," Barry Saunders column, May 28) and his grand ol' party has nothing to do with his individual sexuality. The fact that he felt compelled to vehemently deny the accusation of being gay in order to stay a potential candidate in his party is the real issue for Republicans.

A recent Pew Research study showed young people increasingly tolerant of sexual preference and even gay marriage. The writing is on the wall. The GOP is facing division on the national front and here at home. The good ol' boys might want to get out of the way or lead their party the way of the dinosaurs.

Fetzer needs to realize there is another political party that represents more tolerance and, these days, more electability.

Kim Hanchette, Raleigh

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