Turning to June

May 31, 2009 

All through the dark and dreary days of winter past, June seemed a long time coming. Now its arrival tomorrow in the land of the Carolinas is like a dream coming true, a lover coming home laden with all things beautiful.

It begins even before sunrise's growing light, when the owl is still querying, the mockingbird singing and the mourning dove sounding its morning serenade, all awaiting the opening curtain of another day.

To learn about life, meet it early in the morning, while the dew is still wet, and the Earth first comes alive with color, scent and sound. Listen to the birds singing, sip the syrup of the honeysuckle and walk with the wind, taking in the sweet aroma of the freshly opened wild rose.

Fledglings, fresh off the nest, flutter clumsily, hopping from branch to branch, clamoring for attention from their harried parents. Robin and towhee shuffle amid the fallen leaves, thrasher prowls, blue jay scolds, redhead and ladder-back woodpeckers probe overhead, while bluebird and chickadee, bunting and finch noisily discuss the merits of a Carolina morning in June. High above, wisps of fluffy white clouds float across the silky blue of heaven's lawn.

Step outside in early June and find the dream standing upon your doorstep.

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